For happy pets and a happy home

Smart Tracking Collar For Cats & Dogs.

Never lose your pet again with our innovative tracking collar designed to keep your pet safe, monitor their fitness and give you peace of mind.

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For happy pets & a happy home

GPS collar for cats & dogs

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Locate your pet with ease and track just how much exercise your furry friend is getting via the Furrfindr app.

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Cats & Dogs

Create a ‘safe zone’ that alerts you when your four legged friend goes outside of your chosen perimeter.

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Never lose your pet again

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Why Furrfindr was created…


The passion behind the product

Furrfindr was founded in Hampshire, England by a couple of animal lovers in 2020 soon after their kittens Oscar and Ella came in to their lives.

Having experienced how difficult it can be when a pet goes missing, they decided to create something a little different to ensure pet owners around the world can keep tabs on their furry friends at any moment.

Why choose us?

We believe we have created the best GPS pet collar in the world, but we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

Unlike other GPS trackers that are bulky, heavy and unpleasant on the eye, our ultra-sleek and modern collars mean that you’ll be sure to have the coolest looking cat or dog on the block. We offer a range of size and colour options to ensure we’ve got your back regardless of your cat or dogs size and personality!

Our collars are kitted out with the best technology available, meaning the data provided to you via our app is always up to date, reliable and accurate.

Our app has some really smart features that allow you to trace your pet in real time, view their daily activities, track their location history, create a ‘safe zone’ for your pet and much more.

Find out more about Furrfindr on our features page.

our vision

“The number of pets that go missing each year is alarming and much higher than it needs to be. Even worse is the number of pets that are never reunited with their owners. Our passion and commitment is to keep pets safer than ever and considerably bring down the rate of pets going missing around the world.”

Dan, Co-Founder

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